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Diversity Council Program Portfolio

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Collaboration Flow Chart

This is a proposed process flow chart for DC collaboration.  



This shows DC led programs and partnership projects in flight. 

Diversity Council Programs

Allies & Advocates (Available)

Allies & Advocates is a community response program that nurtures and supports individuals experiencing heightened anxiety, uncertainty, or incidents of hate/bias in this challenging social and cultural climate. We have been receiving communications regularly and increasingly from individuals deeply affected by what is transpiring here in Rochester, in our state, nationally, even globally. We want to be able to field these calls with empathy and wisdom. We decided to tap our greatest resource – compassionate people.

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Community Leaders Creating Change (Available)

A DC initiative to provide individuals from underrepresented populations with self-advocacy skills and an understanding of bias.

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Diversity Council Education Equity Plan (Plan)

Educational Equity exists when all individuals are fully prepared for the roles of their choice, regardless of personal or social circumstances. Educational Equity requires systems of support that result in full access to opportunities that lead to personal growth.

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Diversity Council Rochester Area Racial Attitude Survey (Available)

Update to the 2006 survey. The Diversity Council first collaborated with a community task force to survey local attitudes toward race in 1990. In 2006, a second survey was conducted in association with Luther College. The 2006 survey duplicated many questions from the original survey in order to accurately measure how attitudes have changed over time. This latter survey also included additional questions focusing on immigration, and on actions as well as attitudes.

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Diversity Council Staff Blog (Available)

Diversity Council's weekly staff blog to share staff perspectives and stories on diversity.

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Diversity Toolkit (Available)

A tool kit to ensure your organization leads in maximizing human potential.

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EquityLogic (Becoming the Solution) (Available)

A tactical approach to building cultural agility and diversifying organizational strategies. Designed to impact: Employee retention Workgroup and individual productivity Customer/client satisfaction Problem solving and crisis management Inter-workgroup relationships Organizational innovation and adaptability Cross-organizational collaboration Market penetration

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FUSE: Fun & Unique Social Encounters (Available)

Social contact breaks down barriers of stereotypes and prejudice. Plus it’s fun! Come meet some new people at FUSE! At this month's event, you'll have the opportunity to meet UMR's first Health CORE cohort. Health CORE is a program that recruits students from underrepresented backgrounds for health care careers.

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Human Libray of Southeaster Minnesota (Available)

The Human Library, an initiative developed by the World Culture Center in Denmark, allows people and organizations to check out human "books" for a unique learning experience. If you want to know what it's like to be, say, a single mother, a homeless person, a refugee, or a gay man, you check one out of the library and they share their personal story and answer your questions.

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Student Leaders Creating Change (SLCC) (Available)

Training SLCC provides students with 12 weeks of in-depth training. Defining bullying and cyberbullying Reporting bullying incidents Prevention & intervention Understanding biases, stereotypes, and prejudice Unconscious biases Mindsets Microaggressions Race and privilege Gender and sexual expression Interfaith conversations Mediation and conflict resolution Becoming changemakers Role playing: safe ways to intervene Restorative practices: healing the hurts

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Youth & Whole Families (Available)

This initiative takes a comprehensive approach to anti-bias education by providing programming that addresses the needs of the entire school community: students, staff, and parents.

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enCounter Poverty (Plan)

enCounter Poverty is an experiential tool that exposes individuals to the challenges of poverty in our community in ways that build empathy and lead to action. We're looking for volunteers to 1) participate in developing our scalable model and 2) plan programs and activities.

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Partnership Projects

Diversity Council: Establishment of a Regional Social Justice Coalition (Concept)

Explore to build a coalition of organizations with shared intention to advance the rights of all individuals in the region, convening around the desire to build awareness and collaboration,improve responsiveness, and help one another thrive.

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Diversity Council/Lotus Foundation: Food for Thought for Diversity Wellness (Concept)

Food and nutrition is important to all people. Access to nutrition is especially important to marginalized groups. This project educates people how good food can be made available. This project will promote and help identify affordable, good tasting, nutrient-rich foods" to difference cultural groups. Taking into account: (1) embracing cultural traditions (2) learn from each other (3) combine with other healthy living ideas.

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Diversity Council Mission Vision Goals

Our Mission

To educate people to embrace diversity as a foundation for building a healthy, inclusive and prosperous community.

Our Vision

An inclusive and welcoming community in which every individual is respected.

Our Goals

Global: An equitable and inclusive community, where all individuals are empowered, conscientious, and courageous.

Civic Equity: Civic Equity is the realization of a society where all individuals receive equitable access to resources, protections, and opportunities. Each person enjoys: (a) equal treatment under law, both through law enforcement and the judicial system; (b) equitable access to and
representation in the political process; and (c) equal opportunity to engage in the design of and benefit from inclusive public policy.

Educational Equity: Educational equity exists when all individuals are fully prepared for the roles of their choice, regardless of personal or social circumstances. Educational equity requires systems of support that result in full access to opportunities that lead to personal growth.

Health Equity: Health equity is the attainment of the highest level of wellbeing for all individuals, regardless of personal or social determinants of health. Health equity requires the social, economic, and environmental conditions that result in full access to opportunities that lead to healthy lives.