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DC Collaboration Process


We welcome community members and agencies to collaborate with us to advance our mission to educate people to embrace diversity as a foundation for a healthy, prosperous and inclusive community in civic, education and health equity areas.

Civic EquityEducational EquityHealth Equity
All individuals receive equitable access to resources, protections, and opportunities. Each person enjoys: (a) equal treatment under law, both through law enforcement and the judicial system; (b) equitable access to and representation in the political process; and (c) equal opportunity to engage in the design of and benefit from inclusive public policy. All individuals are fully prepared for the roles of their choice, regardless of personal or social circumstances. Educational equity requires systems of support that result in full access to opportunities that lead to personal growth. All individuals can attain the highest level of wellbeing regardless of personal or social impediments. Health equity requires the social, economic, and environmental conditions that result in full access to opportunities that lead to healthy lives.

Diversity Council is collaborating formally and informally with a large number of organizations and projects that have positive impacts to diversity and inclusion progress. 

To cultivate and sustain stronger collaborations, we are formalizing the following relationship building process.

 Engagement Process


A.  Support or ally with an existing DC Program   

If you wish to explore helping us on one of our existing equity programs, please take the following steps:

1. Find out more about our program offerings. Our programs are designed to make impacts on one or more of the three equity areas: civic, education and health.  

2. If one of our programs inspire you to collaborate with us, review the engagement checklist for that program to determine how you or your organization may want to work with us. 

3. Formalize our relationship by signing the collaboration agreement

Please refer to this diagram for more info.

B. Non-DC Program Suggestion (New Program)

If you have an idea or a request to involve us in something that you have started.  Please take the following steps: 

1. Take a look at existing D/I projects in flight in our community. 

2. Describe the nature of your program concept and how it fits one or more of the three equity areas: civic, education and health. 

3. Describe what kind of support Diversity Council may help you on. 

Please refer to this diagram for more info.


 Collaboration Navigation Map


 The total engagement process is described diagrammatically per this ==> LINK.